MAS Vintage Racing


vin·tage  [vin-tij] - representing the high quality of a past time: vintage cars; vintage movies; vintage dirtbikes

Experts and historians agree that the last year of the vintage bike era - and its greatest year - was 1974. Bikes built after 1974 are not considered vintage. In fact, all Vintage Racing classes end at 1974 models. Anything built after that year is considered Evolution machinery.

Why? Because the long suspension travel revolution started in 1975. Actually, testing on long travel started in the fall of 1974, and I was fortunate to have been there during the development. At that time, we marveled over bikes with 6 ½ inches of rear suspension travel, considering it world-shaking! Little did we realize that more than twice that number would become the norm over the years.


by: Rick "Super Hunky" Siemen